Past Mazes

Year 1: October 1998 The Pumpkin

The maze was built in the shape of a pumpkin. It was built out of approximately 60 round bales and 500 square bales.



Year 2: 1999 The Fortress.

Constructed with 2500 square bales and 100+ round bales, the fortress was very elaborate. It even had a gate that could be shut at night.



Year 2: 1999 Maze for private party

We were asked to help with entertainment for a special event. A maze was constructed out of 600 bales that guests had to find their way through before entering the barn!


Year 3. 2000

The biggest Bozeman maze ever constructed. With over 3,000 small square bales and 10 large square bales, this maze took nearly 200 hours to construct. Average times were outlandish with some people asking for help after more than 45 minutes in the maze.


Year 4. 2001

This maze was the last maze we did before taking 6 years off to start a family.

Year 5: 2008.

This maze had about 2,500 bales. There was a midway mountain view rest area complete with a dome warming hut and bale pyramid.


Year 6: 2010.

In 2010, we added a corn bin for the little kids to play in & a tractor to climb on.

Year 7: 2011.
We added a 30 foot white and yellow party tent, the PowerJump bungee trampoline, and a no-left-hand-turns puzzle maze. The maze and surrounding attractions used up 3,500 bales.

Google Earth Photo of 2011 Maze


Scarecrow Straw Bale Hay Maze
The 2012 Scarecrow Maze


Stagecoach Straw Bale Hay Maze
2013 Aerial Photo - Courtesy of Notarius Photography

Tractor John Deere Model A Straw Bale Hay Maze
2014 Original Design by Dale Mandeville • Photo Credit: Notarius Photograhy


Barn and Silo Hay Maze
2015 Original Design by Dale Mandeville • Photo Credit: Notarius Photograhy


Bozeman Maze
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