Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, credit/debt cards (any type), and checks.

Do I need to make a reservation if I'm bringing a group?
If you would like to have a reserved table in the party tent, you can contact us to make a reservation. No reservation is requried for the maze itself during regular hours.

Do you offer private openings? It is possible to schedule a private opening of the maze and hayride. Our minimum charge for a private opening is $500 so we suggest a group of 50 people minimum. Please contact us for details.

Do you ever close due to weather?
Sometimes we are forced to close due to weather in order to protect the maze, the field, and our employees from damage. Excessive moisture, cold, and/or wind can force us to close. Also, we do not run the PowerJump in temperatures below 45° or rain due to safety. Check our home page or Facebook if you are unsure if we'll be open.

Do you allow strollers and wagons in the maze?
No, we do not allow strollers and wagons in the maze. Becuase strollers/wagons are long, they are difficult to navigate through the maze and cause congestion. It is hard to turn a stroller/wagon around in a dead end.

Should I bring my own flashlight on flashlight nights?
Yes, please bring your own flashlight. Depending on our supply, we typically hand out finger flashlights.

Do you allow dogs/animals?
We do not allow dogs/animals in the maze itself but we do allow dogs on leash in area surrounding the maze. Please clean up after your dog. Service animals are welcome.

What ages will find the maze challenging?
The maze is fun and often surprisingly difficult for all ages.  Sometimes children find their way faster than adults!

How tall is the maze?
The maze is 3 to 4 bales tall (4-6 ft) and designed to challenge people of all ages. The varying height contributes to the confusion.

How long does it take to get through and how long should we expect to be on site?
Average times range from 30-60 minutes to go through the maze.  Most people spend 1-1/2 to 3 hours on site enjoying the beautiful views from the farm, going through the maze, and participating in other activities.

If we want to avoid crowds, what are the best times to visit?
Typically, our busy hours are during the middle of the day and evening, from 1-4 pm and 7 to 8 pm. If you want to avoid the crowd, plan to arrive at our opening time, during dinner hours, or close to our closing time. Remember, we let the last person into the maze at our posted closing time.

Is it safe? What is the plan in case of fire?
Yes, it is safe! We always have someone on our watch tower keeping a lookout for danger. We also have specialized fire extinguishers and tractors on site. Our staff is trained in their use and in evacuation procedures just in case.

How can I get answers to other questions? There are several ways to get in touch with us. You can message through the Bozeman Maze Facebook Page, Google Business Page, Email Us, or Call Us using the numbers on our contact information page.


Bozeman Maze
1340 E Valley Center Road, Bozeman Montana 59718